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Apex Plumbing Supplies supply central heating pumps from one of the leading brand names Grundfos. Several sizes are available, including a bronze pump. 
If a sufficient order is placed we also offer free delivery to certain areas. Please contact us for details. 
Domestic Heating Circulators 
UPS2 is the EuP compliant replacement for the UPS 15-50 & 15-60 pumps. 
With just one model the UPS2 can be used to replace 4m, 5m and 6m versions of the old UPS models and is suitable for use in tight fit installations such as boilers. 
Grundfos Alpha2 L 15-50 & 15-60
Alpha2 L 15-50 & 15-60 
ALPHA2 L is a high efficiency EuP 2015 compliant domestic heating circulator, used for the circulation of hot water in central heating. 
ALPHA2 L range of high efficiency circulators can be installed on central heating and primary hot water circuits up to 35kW. 
Grundfos Alpha2 15-50 & 15-60
Alpha2 15-50 & 15-60 
The EuP 2015 compliant ALPHA2 is the Grundfos top of the range domestic heating circulator, used for the efficient circulation of hot water in central heating systems. 
ALPHA2 range of high efficiency circulators can be installed on central heating and primary hot water circuits up to 35kW. 
Light Commercial 
Grundfos Magna1
The MAGNA1 range of automatic and variable speed EuP 2015 compliant circulator pumps are the ideal replacement for the former UPS light commerical range. Designed for circulating liquids in a wide range of light commercial and commercial applications. 
Available from size 25-XX to 100-XX, MAGNA1 offers a full range of high efficiency circulators for heating, cooling, ground source heat pump systems, solar heating systems and domestic hot water applications in areas such as appartment blocks, schools, hospitals, hotels, sporting arenas, industrial processes, commercial premises and many many more. 
Grundfos Magna3
MAGNA3 is the most energy efficient circulator on the market and comprises of a full range of medium and large, intelligent circulators. Incorporating electronically controlled motors based on permanent magnet (PM) and compact stator technology. 
The MAGNA3 range is designed for circulating liquids in heating systems, air conditioning and cooling systems, domestic water systems, ground source heat pump systems and solar heating systems in apartments, schools, hospitals, sporting arenas, hotels, industrial processes and many many more. 
Condensate Removal 
Grundfos Conlift
Conlift1 LS, Conlift1, Conlift2, Conlift 2 pH+ 
Safely removes condensate from appliances. 
Removal of condensate from boilers, air-con, cooling and refrigeration systems, air dehumidifiers and evaporators. Suited to domestic and light commercial situations. 
Power Flushing 
Grundfos Freeflow
Powerflush unit desgined to effectively cleanse a central heating system in conjuction with cleansing chemical.  
The Freeflow provides strong water pressure in order to remove the build up of sludge and corrosion deposits commonly found in under performing systems. 
Hot Water Service Pump 
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